Drei-Bell, Drei-Bell, Drei-Bell, I made you out of clay….

Assassin’s Creed 4 is the saviour of the next gen console launch – another game I have to buy

The Greatest Comic Book moments of 2013 – featuring the heads with legs from a comic I discovered called ‘Saga’! Ah ‘welcome to Sextillion!’ hahaha

How may we hate you? – The many stories of 2 concierges in Times Square

Smarter people have more sex, do more drugs and stay up later because it’s the smarter thing to do – I knew it! ‘If you’re getting laid at 3 am on Sunday morning and have a full bowl packed beside your bed and you aren’t going to church the next day, you’re probably a genius.’

Depressing pop culture realities – sob

Comic featuring a grown up Mickey Mouse

100 books that should be written – pretty good tumblr

5 ways modern espionage has left James Bond behind

Men taking up too much room on the train

14 funny Football related wikipedia entries

Some woman I’ve never heard of is playing Wonder Woman – It could have been Gina Carano….It should have been Gina Carano

New trailer for the next 300 film – ‘Xerxes, who appears to become a magic giant in a pool of golden water, because something something Frank Miller boner’ hehe

Game of Throne snowflake templates

So many bad rooms

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I saw this on TV and nearly died of embarrassment

Another reconstruction

Well, the Count is one racy vampire

Reverse racism

Pretty funny advert









aD1sqbx advice bad-day-1

(you might have to click on this to read it….)bic bike bridges buble compliments eyes face faith fingers frankie1 frankie2 gamers glue haha harry japan jesus leo mandela mean mmk morgan nerd news now pineapple polite politicians potato programmers ravenclaw1 ravenclaw2 shocked slim smad snape sparta sport


this tom turd who wifi yup






I have no idea where this is from but it makes me laugh…

Jesus vs Darwin


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